Professional Tax preparations for your business

Our cutting-edge technology and specialist accounting skills, enable us to assist with any tax services, legislation and regulations.

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We serve personal and business clients in the Cape Town area and help them to navigate the increasingly more complex landscape that is Tax Regulation.

How We Can Help


Tax Registration

SARS eFiling, upload your banking details to SARS, appoint a Public Officer, verify your Company’s details with SARS and get your tax number.


Tax Planning, Disputes & Compliance

We will assist in ensuring any disputes are dealt with, resulting in your business and yourself being compliant.


Personal Income Tax

Remuneration benefits, annuities, pension income and lump sum payments, certain capital gains, we’ll take care of it all.


Business Income Tax

We will help register your business for income tax and complete and submit your IT14 returns.


VAT Registration

We assist with VAT registration and advice with regards to when and how VAT should be implemented.


Tax Advice

Our Tax Advice service helps you with all the tax aspects of your business.

We put the easy back in Tax



We ensure that every aspect of your tax is compliant with SARS and that every form of documentation is up to date and in order.

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Highly Affordable

Experience all the benefits of an established and reputable accounting firm, without the overwhelming price tag.


Tax Disputes

We handle all communication with SARS, including disputes. Taking the hassle away from you.

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