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The future of Payroll is already here, it’s automated, it’s efficient, it’s affordable and it’s just what you need to ensure the smooth growth of your business.

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Save valuable time and money by optimising your payroll processes, ensuring your employees are rewarded appropriately and well looked after.

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IRP5 Automation

Detailing all employee related incomes, deductions and related taxes at the end of the year.



PAYE, UIF and SDL payment management and returns.


Remuneration Structuring

Develop employee remuneration structures and benefit packages.


Payroll Management

Administration of employee financial records and the generation of computerised and secure payslips


Payroll Reporting

Get an accurate picture of where your business stands when paying your employees.

Professional payroll services you can count on!


Personalised Service

Get a top-quality payroll service, tailor-made to suit your business and its unique needs.


Exceptional Quality

Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing you have a full force of meticulous and professional accountants.

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Highly Affordable

Experience all the benefits of an established and reputable accounting firm, without the overwhelming price tag.

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